Our Story

NISO Programs arises from the concern of a Latin mother

to inform the families of the community about the resources

they can obtain to achieve better integration and development.

The creation of NISO


To achieve this, it was necessary to establish as objective the construction of a double communication and continuous feedback path. NISO took its first steps testing different paths to create the right connection between different organizations and the community. The first big step was in 2016 when Eastside Pathways introduced the Promotores model in Eastside through surveys aimed at the Latino population. The model demonstrated effective results thanks to the implementation carried out through the NISO Programs, managing to establish an effective communication link working actively and directly with the members of the community.

The first results

Thanks to the results obtained, in 2017 NISO Programs was born, implementing its first project, whose objective was to go in search of people from the community who had the interest of formally creating and participating in a new community organization. A breakthrough that meant building the pillars that would sustain NISO's mission in a solid way with focused objectives that allowed it to conduct its formal opening ceremony on January 9, 2018. Shortly after starting its operations, NISO Programs signed its first contract with Eastside Pathways Since then, NISO Programs have been part of several committees with the School District and the Bellevue Police Department, as well as with several local organizations. Together they continuously carry out learning and training processes that have allowed them to improve the roles, commitments, and involvement of their teams.

The most recent

In September 2019, NISO Programs worked with the city of Bellevue to collect data for the Recreation Program Plan Survey of the Parks and Community Services department, which positively impacted the community. An alliance was established with PEPS (Early Parent Support Program) to create Latino parent groups under their curriculum. One of the biggest contracts that NISO Programs has worked on was the launch of the Eastside Early Learners Facilitators project, in which I work with Best Start for Kids and Eastside Pathways. The pilot program started in April 2019 and the program continues. NISO Programs has had the pleasure of working on different projects that have benefited the community by connecting them with the resources and organizations available. The mission of NISO Programs continues thanks to the enormous commitment and work of our Promoters. The objectives that each of the organizations have requested us have met, and we will continue working to develop our skills and abilities to be able to implement even larger projects that bring value to the communities.

Happy millennial friends from diverse cu

“All great things are created for their own sake”

Robert Frost